• Trial advocacy training materials

    • Legal professional development

"Jessica Grant is a superbly knowledgeable, organized and efficient conference planner. She anticipates and resolves difficulties before they become problems. I cannot think of any conference planner with whom I would rather work."
-Justice Michelle Fuerst, Co-Chair, Federation of Law Societies’ National Criminal Law Program

We have our hands on 30 to 40 projects a year, from delivering some of Canada’s largest legal conferences to developing trial advocacy training materials that are used by law societies and universities nationwide. Our broad-based network, can-do attitude, entrepreneurial methods, and innovative thinking have earned us a unique reputation as the go-to firm for practical, progressive legal professional development solutions. We like challenging work and we prefer the exciting stuff – saving programs in trouble, fighting for market share, and trailblazing. We bring everything we have to what we do.

Our expertise includes:

  • Education audits and reviews
  • Achieving lawyer competency
  • Identifying and addressing gaps in training curricula
  • Program design and evaluation
  • CPD accreditation
  • Financial analysis (profitability and ROI)
  • Faculty assembly and train-the-trainer programs
  • Case-file and teaching materials development
  • Improving staff and volunteer productivity
  • Increasing revenue and profitability, or return on investment
  • Membership growth
  • Enhancing market share and competitive position
  • Strategic relationship building
  • Strategic consulting

Our Clients

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